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14 July 1966
Decatur, Georgia, United States
Flagon With The Dragon
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Keansburg Junior Senior High School - Keansburg NJ (1981 - 1985)
Kansas State University - Manhattan - Manhattan KS (1992 - 1997)
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activism, alexander the great, angels, archeology, army, astronomy, astrophysics, atlanta, babylon 5, battlestar galactica, biochemistry, bioinformatics, biology, buddhism, celtic music, celtic tradition, classic rock, comedy, computer games, computers, cultures, d&d, databases, dominant, dragoncon, druids, education, egyptology, elizabeth barrett browning, emerald rose, emory university, environment, fantasy, firefly, folk music, folklore, freemasons, gaming, genomics, golden dawn, greek history, harn, hedonism, hero system, history, immunology, kabbalah, keansburg, led zeppelin, lord of the rings, magick, microbiology, mmorpgs, molecular genetics, movies, music, mysteries, mysticism, mythology, pablo neruda, paganism, pagans, philosophy, photography, physics, poetry, politics, public health, qabbalah, renaissance, robert frost, roleplaying games, rolling stones, roman history, rpgs, sara teasdale, sarah mclachlan, sci-fi, science, science fact, science fiction, scotland, scots history, sensuality, sex, sexuality, silliness, star wars, sutrayana, tantrayana, tarot imagery, theology, tolkien, viking kittens, warlock, web design, wicca, witch, witchcraft, zen
What's there to say really? I'm a person like any other who is like me. I love meeting new folks so get to know me and lets hope neither of us is disappointed.